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The Real Deal Santa is here to accomplish one mission: Bring toys to all homeless children! 


Homeless children have been made homeless for a variety of reasons and through no fault of their own.


There are many charitable organizations out there and sadly many of them are "tapped out" of resources long before everyone's needs are met. That's why Real Deal Santa Claus goes directly to the people in need.


No one slips through the cracks due to lack of accessibility. If the child is in the homeless shelter that Real Deal Santa Claus is affiliated with, nothing prevents them from benefiting. We take the toys directly to the kids in need. If you happen to run a homeless shelter or know of one that needs our help, please contact us!

Every child deserves a toy to play with, and a toy for a child that lives in a shelter means so much more! Think back to the toys you played with and remember where they took you! Maybe you were an astronaut or a princess!


You can give the gift of love because your toy will be loved by someone that needs to look to the future! The children in a shelter want to be somewhere else safe, and a toy can give them a sense of escape and security! Be a Real Deal Santa Claus!

Learn about the impact we made in 2022!

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