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Every child deserves a toy to play with and a toy for a child that lives in a shelter means so much more! Think back at the toys you played with and remember where they took you! Maybe you were an astronaut or a princess! The Real Deal Santa is magic that we all have inside of us! 


You can give the gift of love by donating toys that will be loved by someone that needs to look to the future! The children in a shelter just want to be kids and know that they are somewhere safe. A toy gives them a sense of escape and security! Be a Real Deal Santa Claus!

We want everyone to feel like a Real Deal Santa Claus! 

We welcome donations of new toys appropriate for children aged 4-12 and valued at approximately $20 each.

This cap ensures that each child will receive a toy of similar value. 

Please feel free to shop from our Amazon Wishlist

and simply have toys sent directly to

Real Deal Santa Claus for distribution to the children.


Please consider a monetary donation.



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